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Reached the End!

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Good day folks.

Have had an email from my trust deed adminstartor informing me that he is about to begin the closure process of my PTD, He has said that the annual report to the creditors is due and refelects the postion up to the end of February and that another final report will be be submitted in around two weeks time showing the completion of my obligations.

My wuestion is and I am sure this has been asked before; will this reflect on my credit file in time once my obligaions to creditors have been satisfied?

Many thanks for your advice.

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It will still take a while but the affected accounts will start to show as satisfied, partially satisfied or settled. The Trust Deed itself will stay there for six years from the date of signing. 


Make sure any defaults aren't showing as later than that date as they will still be there for six years from the date of default. If they are later than the date of signing the Trust Deed then you can get the debtors to amend it.

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Good mornng @edzo welcome to the Forum

A trust deed remains on your credit file for six years. 

When your Trust Deed is sucessfully completed after a few weeks you should check that the creditors included in the agreement have updated your credit file to show that the debt has been settled or satisfied.

If your credit file is inaccurate then it is a good idea to send the credit reference agencies a copy of your Form 5 (Discharge of Debtor) issued by your Trustee and ask them to update the information they hold about you.


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