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Kevin Mapstone

Hi, I’m Kevin Mapstone, an Insolvency Practitioner at AMI Financial Solutions Ltd. We specialise in protected trust deeds and other types of formal debt solutions. I’m based in Paisley and Edinburgh, from where we cover the whole of Scotland.

I’m here to advise you on resolving your debt problem and to guide you through setting up a suitable arrangement such as a protected trust deed, Debt Arrangement Scheme or bankruptcy. There is always a way forward to get your debts under control, and I’m here to help you do just that.

I feel strongly that people with serious debt issues deserve to be treated with fairness and respect. It can be too easy for insolvency professionals to lose sight of how difficult it is for people to come forward and seek their help, so I always try to keep this in mind when talking to clients. Hopefully this helps put people at ease and gives them the confidence to proceed with an appropriate solution.

I have completed the Certificate of Proficiency in Insolvency and the Joint Insolvency Examination Board.

I hail from Sunderland originally, but moved to Edinburgh in 1993 to attend university. Before too long I had fallen for both Scotland and for my future wife, so it was an easy decision to stick around after graduation.

I started work with a high street bank, eventually becoming a personal account manager. However, after a couple of years of growing steadily dissatisfied with having to sell credit cards, loans and other products to customers who might have only come in to pay a bill, I decided to switch sides. I became a debt adviser, working for the local authority’s money advice service as well as from Edinburgh Central Citizens’ Advice Bureau.

It felt much better to be able to help hundreds of clients to overcome their debt problems instead of adding to them! Over a number of years as a debt adviser I became very experienced in dealing with debt problems and I eventually decided to specialise in insolvency, moving to work for an insolvency practitioner firm in 2007.

In October 2020 I began an exciting new role as Insolvency Practitioner at AMI Financial Solutions Ltd. AMI has an excellent reputation and is focussed upon supporting and partnering with the free advice sector throughout Scotland.

Outside of work I am kept busy with my three sons – which probably explains why I also love to spend time out walking my dog in the peace and quiet! I often travel down to Sunderland to visit family and friends, being careful to coincide my trips with weekends that Sunderland AFC are playing at home, having been a devoted sufferer all of my life. I also like to pretend I can play a bit myself, though am not sure how much longer my old ankle joints will allow.

AMI Financial Solutions is a well-respected and established insolvency firm that operates throughout Scotland. We’re dedicated to providing excellent service and complete transparency.

Many people that are in financial difficulty are particularly vulnerable due to their desperation for a solution, so we feel that it is of utmost importance that time is taken to ensure that clients understand their options fully. We want to be certain that they know exactly what is involved if they do enter into an insolvency procedure.

Another important feature of our service is that clients have direct access to their dedicated case manager throughout their trust deed, so they’re not dealing with different people whenever they contact us.

We cover the whole of Scotland, including the Highlands and Islands.

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Paul McDougall

Hi, I’m Paul McDougall, a Manager with Wylie & Bisset LLP. I specialise in Trust Deeds, Debt Payment Programmes under the Debt Arrangement Schemes and Sequestrations. I am based in Glasgow but cover the whole of Scotland. I’m here and ready to answer any debt related queries that you may have and to help get you get back on track financially.

No one takes on credit with the prospects of not paying it back. In my 18 years of experience in dealing with personal insolvency, most people find themselves being unable to cover the cost of this debt due to several contributing factors such as redundancy, ill health, low paying wages or increased cost of living etc.

Over the years, I have gained invaluable experience in my role as debt advisor and able to provide support and guidance to individuals in dealing with their debt problem. We all find ourselves struggling at times with life issues and I feel very fortunate to being able to speak to clients in order that I can provide support and to work out a solution to their debt problem.

During University, I worked for a retiring Insolvency Practitioner and that gave me the opportunity to get involved in the more technical side of insolvency. After graduating, I secured a placement within Wylie & Bisset in 2006 and quickly realised I enjoyed the client facing and advisor role.

I passed my Certificate of Proficiency in Insolvency Exam in 2007 and passed my Personal Insolvency Practitioner Exams in 2018.

Working for Wylie & Bisset for the last 13 years has given me the opportunity to progress my career and for them to invest in me as an employee and to continue delivering the first-class customer service to clients.

Outside the office, I have many hobbies and interests such as socialising with friends, travelling and attending many concerts. I adopted a rescue Patterdale dog called Buddy several years ago and normally you can find me going to the local park for walks with him and my partner.

Wylie & Bisset LLP is one of the oldest and independent accountancy firms within Scotland. We operate with 12 partners from our flagship Glasgow office.

We were one of six Scottish Firms awarded a Government Contract from the Accountant in Bankruptcy in 2009 and subsequently have continued to be awarded to majority share of the contract over the years. We are now only one of two Scottish Firms that retain the contact award and we currently service 60% of the Bankruptcies that are awarded in Scotland through the Accountant in Bankruptcy.

We are currently one of top 5 firms that deal with the majority of Trust Deeds signed and we believe our expertise allows us to provide a customer driven service throughout the whole of Scotland.

We cover the whole of Scotland, including the Highlands and Islands.