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Get Out Trust Deed Early

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I am wondering if you can help. I have been in a protected Trust Deed for nearly 2 years.

However is there anyway I can get out of this?

I am due to receive a backdated payment for child disability payment that my son has now been awarded and I am wondering can I use this to pay towards some of my future contributions and then ask a relative to pay the remainder so I can get out of the Trust Deed before I was due too?

I still have another 3 years to go as my Trust Deed was extended by 8 months due to my car 

Hope you can help

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Kevin Mapstone
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Hi Nicci.  I'm afraid the regulations say that a Trust Deed must run for a minimum of 4 years, unless you manage to pay your debts in full along with the trustee's fees and outlays.  It isn't possible to pay the remaining scheduled contributions only and then finish early.

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