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AMIGO Scheme

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I originally went into a trust deed because of my debt with Amigo loans, I am now one payment away from completing my trust deed and yesterday got an outcome email from Amigo and they have accepted responsibility for not conducting a proper affordability check at the point of application. So they have settled my full live outstanding balance of 3100 as part of the claim and awarded me £43. Will this affect what i have been paying to my trust deed over the past few years? and would I be able to challenge amigo as it is their fault i ended up in a trust deed ? any knowledge would be appreciated please.

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Hi. The amount you pay into a Trust Deed is based on what is affordable, not how much debt you have, so it wouldn't make any difference to that. 

If you're asking would you be entitled to claim compensation from Amigo for the fact that you went into a Trust Deed as a result of their irresponsible lending then I'm afraid that is a question for a lawyer.  I have my doubts about how successful you would be with such a claim but am not qualified to give advice on that.

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