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60 month trust deed?

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Hey I’ve just discovered this forum and thought I may ask the typical length for a PTD. 


I entered into one in 2020. I believe it’s 60 months. I was told 3 years, with a 2 year extension due to equity on my home. As far as I can remember the equity was at that time between £5k - 10k. I was told an extra year for each 5k of equity which is why I have an extra 2 years. Personally this does not make any sense to me.. 

can anyone clarify If this indeed does sound correct? 
In December coming I’ll be 3 years into this. 

I should add at the time of commencing the trust deed I have only purchased my house 4 years earlier. If that make any difference. 

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Good morning @dmcf

It is not unusual to have a 60 month Trust Deed , however it is 48 months for contributions with 12 month extension for equity buy out.

I would refer to your Trust Deed proposal that you would have signed.  This clearly states what is expected to be ingathered during the course of your Trust Deed in the way of contributions and assets.

The fact that you only purchased the house 4 years earlier makes no difference.




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