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Trust-Deed Discharge Duration

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Hi all, I made my final payment 03/01/2023, Debtor discharge 08/03/2023 (after chasing...), we're now over 7 months from that and trustee discharge still hasn't come through..

I've contacted my trustee a couple of times, nothing excessive but I get the impression from their replies I'm just an inconvenience and harassing them... Feels like it's taking forever to get discharged, I just wondered if this was the usual sort of timeline?


Thanks a lot


Annmarie Macdonald
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Good morning @ sawyer

I would have thought that as you have received your Discharge and assuming that your creditors have received the Dividends due to them that the Trustees Discharge would have been completed by now.  I would go back to your Trustee and ask if there is any reason for the hold up of the Trustee's Discharge.  


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