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TD or Das

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Hi folks, could some recommend a company, posting onย  behalf of a friend, unsure whether to go down the TD protected route which would be ideal or das.

16k of unsecured debt cc and store cards.

Partner has approx 15k on high interest loan for upvc windows and doors. Which is in his name but i being paid by the wife each month.

Home is mortgaged worth around 110k with 47k mortgage. Was unable to move lenders with low credit score. Believe it's now fixed for a period, this is the main concern, will trustee ask for equity in from the main home. I am not sure what LTV max can be taken out but to do this it would mean remortgage and that will mean ERC etc

No savings, struggling every month and unable to go on paying towards the debt.ย 


Any advice appreciated thanks

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Hi - Sorry, it looks like there was a bit of a delay with your post appearing so you started a new thread instead, to which I have responded.

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