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I am due my first review in a few weeks and I have only just discovered that I need to contact about any overtime. When I took out my trust deed, I explained as a carer overtime is not always optional as at times I need to stay in my work. I was advised this is understandable and that was the end of it.

My outgoings have gone up by quite a bit so I have been doing OT to ensure I do not miss any payments but now I am worried this will cause the opposite problem and my trust deed will be removed.

I also have a DD set up to my mum which is to cover the cost of my 2 dogs who cannot live with me, this is for pet food etc so will this be okay?
Can anyone give me any advice on what may happen? I feel like I did not fully understand what this all meant.

Kevin Mapstone
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Hi there.  There's a good chance you are worrying unnecessarily, Brown822, though it is difficult to give you any certainty without knowing the detail of your situation.

Overtime is certainly relevant, but the point of the review is mainly to assess whether your circumstances have changed sufficiently to mean that your monthly contribution amount needs to be changed.  It is not just your income that determines this but also your outgoings, so if they have increased too then that should be taken into account.  Food for pets is a perfectly valid expenditure item.

I think it is very unlikely that there will  be any issue with your Trust Deed being allowed to continue.  If your trustee does determine that you should have been paying more then they are much more likely to say that you need to catch up the difference by making extra payments at the end of your term.  If you told them about the likelihood of overtime then to my mind it should have been factored in by them anyway, so you cannot really be blamed for that.

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