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Mortgage after 6 years

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I took out a TD out in October 2013, officially discharged in Feb 2017.  My credit rating has been steadily improving since 2019 when everything fell off my credit file.  My partner and i are just about to apply to Nationwide for a mortgage (85% LTV), after receiving a decision in principle, but i am so anxious about putting our house on the market in case i dont get approved for a mortgage.  Does anyone have any experience with Nationwide and mortgages post-TD?  I think after so many years of just feeling like this isnt an option for me, i just cant see how it would go through.  Not getting much from Nationwide on the topic either.

Any advice, good news stories, gratefully received.


Kevin Mapstone
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HI TDscot.  Hopefully one or two of our forum members will be able to give you the benefit of their experiences.

For what it is worth, I'd be surprised if your previous Trust Deed caused you a problem here.  Once you have been clear of your Trust Deed for a couple of years then it shouldn't affect your application, based on what we have heard in the past.  Your current credit rating, income, affordability and availability of a deposit are of much more relevancy here.  I imagine if you are looking good on those counts then there will likely be plenty of lenders happy to oblige, probably including Nationwide.

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