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Help with joint loan after discharge!

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I completed my Trust Deed in October 2023 and was discharged by the Trustee in November and have my relevant forms etc. All of the debts from the Trust Deed were gone from my credit report when I last checked it at the beginning of January. Upon checking it today a balance of around £5000 is there again. This was a joint loan that I took out with my ex husband. At the time I was told that he would be solely liable for the debt once I entered my trust deed and when it was done my liability would be written off. I've no idea of he's paid anything towards it or not in the 4.5 years but it's showing as all defaults on my report. (I had a 6 month break on my TD for maternity leave). I'm terrified I am going to be chased for this again even though it was included in my TD. Why has it appeared back on my report after originally disappearing? I'm also terrified that my ex hasn't been chased for it over the last 5 years somehow and now will be. He was abusive and I don't need this stress of dealing with him again. Help! 

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Hi there.  Congratulations on successfully completed your Trust Deed, though I'm sorry to hear you still have this worry.

The debt should absolutely not be showing on your credit report as outstanding.  I'm not sure why that debt would have disappeared and then reappeared to be honest, but it is obviously an error.  You should be able to get that fixed by complaining to the creditor in question and if necessary providing them with a copy of your Form 5 discharge letter.  If they still don't sort it out then you could always complain to the Information Commissioner's Office - they are the watchdog which ensures that companies are maintaining accurate data about people.

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