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almost there!

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Hello all
well am almost at the end of my trust deed, i dont think ill feel relief until its done
bit of back story since i had my son i stopped making contributions as i never had enough excess to pay based on what i was earning so it has been a bit of a struggle the last two years or so! my trust deed is due to end at end of nov, now i called them in august as stated i was starting a new job as i needed to earn more money i had nothing left after the bills were paid, ive kept up to date with the TD by sending in bank statements every three months i told them this job would be a bit more but my nursery fee would also go up as am not working full time so am not actually left with much more a month, my question is am at my last stage will they ask to extend my trust deed ? i have no assets and kept them informed throughout and if not can they ask for more payments now i have a month to go?

i feel like am at the end of this but worried something may now happen and it wont finish,
thank you!
ps this forum has been amazing throughout my journey for info![:D]

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Hi lilone,

Hopefully your trustee will decide there's no reason to extend your trust deed if your financial circumstances changed through no fault of your own.

Unfortunately however you're going to need to contact your trustee to get an answer that you can rely upon.

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