Das beeing revoked
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Das beeing revoked

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Hi there. Hope you all are well.


Right, My situation is this, I have been in a das for now 3 years have reduced my debt from 8100 to 3300. Btw, today i found out the das is gonna be revoked because missed payment the things is just sent to creditors today, Am a bit worried as after long time with no safe employment I now have a permanent position and wouldnt like to find myself again with 8100 in debt. What Can I do? How long does the revokation process take? I was thinking in calling my creditors and start dealing with them asap so Im ahead of what can happen (settlements offers was something i was think to all of them)


Hope any of you can reñax me from the anxiety im having at the moment.



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Hi Unmad277.

Try not to worry.  Revocation is not a foregone conclusion and you have the chance to explain the reasons for the missed payments and ask that the revocation does not go ahead.  The DAS Administrator will take your comments into consideration when deciding.

Who is the money adviser that assists you with the DAS?  They should really be your first port of call as they would be able to make representations on your behalf.  If there was a temporary change in circumstances that caused the problem then they could seek to apply a retrospective payment break which would reduce your arrears if approved.  Have you had a payment break previously?  How many months of contributions did you miss?

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In terms of the Debt Arrangement Scheme (DAS) revocation process, the duration can vary. It's advisable to contact the Debt Arrangement Scheme team or your DAS administrator directly to get specific information about your case.