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DAS annual review

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In May this year I entered into a DAS and I remember my adviser saying they would carry out an annual review.

My DAS will run for 9.5 years and I'm paying £514 a month which is fine. My debt is approx £60k.

I've just had a pay increase so I'm expecting my monthly payment to my DAS to increase slightly and I was also told that if I can afford it then I can pay extra money to my DAS if I'm able. 

I read something yesterday which said that increasing your contribution to your DAS doesn't necessarily mean that the term of the DAS will decrease. 

I'm thinking that can't be correct and surely if I'm able to pay more then the outstanding term will decrease? 

Can you please clarify this for me? 

I have a mortgage so have equity in my flat and I may sell my flat and move in with my partner. I was thinking of using the equity to pay off some of my debt which is why I never entered a Trust deed.

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Kevin Mapstone
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Hi Marie50, and welcome to the forum.

You are right to query what you have read as that isn't correct.  You are paying back a fixed amount in a DAS so if you increase your payments then the term will reduce accordingly, simple as that.

By the way, it is your choice whether you wish to increase the payments or not.  Even if you can afford to pay more to your debts via the DAS there is no obligation for you to do so.

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@kevin-mapstone thank you very much for your reply. Have a great New Year!